More than just a markbook. Providing an efficient way to collate and analyse data.


myMarkbook provides a cloud based solution for tracking data within schools. We have designed our site to make your life easier. No longer will you have a multitude of cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. No more issues with file locations and shared drive access.

We're working really hard to add as many useful features, such as a database of exam grade boundaries, tools to calculate Progress 8, KS5 performance dashboards, and much more. As a new educational solution, we listen to you and actively build feature requests.


Reduce the number of files, versions, and locations of your Excel files.
Make Links

Seemlessly Compare and merge data from seperate sheets.

No more locked files and waiting your turn to add data.
Working Formulas

Formulas work, with no worry of them breaking.

Analyse data and make meaningful decisions.
Low Cost

We think about school budgets, keeping our prices low.

Example Usage

Departmental Assessment Tracker
Track assessments conducted within a department. Use grade boundaries from external exams (we have lots available). Create running totals of student achievement, and use to calculate predicted grades.

Assessment Automarker
Create a sheet that can be used to mark multiple choice tests. Use the data to spot patterns, distractors, and give an overall score for the assessment.

Year Level Snapshots
Automatically combine data from different departmental/subject trackers to give an overall picture of a year level.